FlexClock Vx510FlexClock Vx-SERIES Vx510 & Vx570

The FlexClock Vx510/570 is a near real-time timekeeping solution that connects to the Web via an Ethernet connection. With its built in punch receipt printer and the ability to collect punches through a PIN, swipe card, or biometric PrintReader, it’s a reliable tool for recording and validating employee punches.

FlexClock Z-Series Z11FlexClock Z-Series Z11

The FlexClock Z11 offers employers an affordable near real-time timekeeping solution (Ethernet- enabled) that also offers the ability to use an employee proximity badge card for recording in/out punches.

FlexClock Z-Series Z14 Mag Stripe Time ClockFlexClock Z-Series Z14

The FlexClock Z14 is a practical timekeeping solution that offers employers valuable labor management technologies through two device options, including a proximity-based unit or magnetic stripe card reader.

FlexClock Z-Series Z18FlexClock Z-Series Z18

The FlexClock Z18 delivers superior value and features with its integration of timekeeping and universal proximity badge card access. It connects to the Web in near real-time (Ethernet) and offers additional value in its ability to support a “bell chime” and biometric employee identification with PrintReader.

FlexClock Z-Series Z33FlexClock Z-SERIES Z33/Z34

With the FlexClock Z33/Z34, organizations benefit from a time clock that utilizes a built-in biometric fingerprint reader and near real-time connectivity to the Web, all through an affordable device. The Z33 and Z34 timekeeping devices are virtually identical products; however, two distinguishing features exist between these options: the cosmetic “look” of the units (“rounded” vs. “squared”) and the wall-mount option (additional screws provided with the Z34).