Automated timekeeping returns significant savings. Not only will this solution pay for itself year after year, but these savings stretch beyond simply recovering the cost of the service in the form of reduced labor costs. They eliminate human error costs, payroll staff costs and additional time for all staff members involved in payroll preparation each pay period. Employee punches are seamlessly integrated into the system, eliminating time spent keying in and manipulating data.

Choosing a Timekeeping Solution


Review the Benefits – Automated timekeeping helps organizations reduce labor costs by thousands of dollars each month. Timekeeping solutions help minimize employee time theft, reduce human error in payroll preparation, and reduce time spent by managers and payroll clerks processing payroll.

Try the Online Demo – With a variety of timekeeping features and programs, selecting a timekeeping device can take quite some time, especially if product demos require the involvement of the vendor. This site, however, offers instant access to our live online demo. Take advantage of this tool and you’ll better understand how user-friendly our product is and whether or not it will meet your needs.

Select a Time Clock – Once you’ve decided to automate your timekeeping solution, selecting the “best fit” time clock for your organization is the next step. Ask yourself some basic questions: How would you like to collect punches from employees? Biometrically? Through a badge swipe? Over the phone or Web? Via proximity badge? Consider is how your data will be sent to the Web from your office location? Your office should already have some sort of connectivity set up, whether it be your company fax line, your existing phone system, or your network. We offer three connection types, including basic Analog (fax/phone line), Ethernet (digital), and cellular (GSM wireless). Finally, consider the features, such as a built-in printer, a bell chime, a biometric finger scan, etc.

We have the following clocks available:

Convenience, Compliance, and Savings

Companies considering implementing automated timekeeping systems are motivated primarily by the simplicity offered by digital time tracking. However, most employers are unaware of how critical it is to maintain time and attendance record for compliance purposes. If one of your employees took you to the State Labor Department with a complaint, would you be ready? In addition, what is often overlooked is exactly how much companies save by tracking their employees with an automated solution.

Standard terminals offer easy data collection through a card swipe, PIN or biometric (fingerprint) scans. Setup is very simple and data is transmitted to the database up to three times per day. With a biometric clock, not only is time data recorded in real-time, but it also eliminates “buddy punching.”

Web-based timekeeping solutions allow employees the flexibility to clock in/out over the Internet without any special hardware. Data reporting and editing is done through the web and employee time data is always accessible. In addition, employees can view their time cards online.

  • Employee scheduling and rounding
  • Automatic daily lunch deductions
  • Supervisor login access (limited access login)
  • Holiday pay settings
  • Labor distribution
  • Overtime settings

Automated timekeeping increases the company bottom line profitability, minimizes wasted labor minutes, and improves employee time management. As an administrator, automated timekeeping can reduce human error, reduce the need to reissue paychecks, and eliminate employee dissatisfaction. You also benefit from enhanced reporting capabilities.