VoiceClock is an advanced timekeeping solution that enables employers to turn the telephone into a practical timekeeping device. Because it utilizes the convenience and mobility of a phone for recording punches, employees can clock in/our on-the-go and on time. Supervisors no longer have to worry about how to accurately log remote employee hours, and employees have a reliable way to account for their hours.

Supervisor editing and reporting of the collected employee data can be done online through a web browser.

VoiceClock is recommended for employers in need of a timekeeping solution with the following key features:

  • Clock in/out over the phone
  • Manage employee data online
  • Near real time data transmission to the Web

WebClock-PanelUse WebClock with VoiceClock

WebClock features may be activated in partnership with VoiceClock, giving employees an alternate method to clock in/out using a web browser.