The retail industry is often staffed by a young labor force with frequent and short labor shifts. Staff coverage challenges, high turnover, and thin profit margins are not uncommon. Reduce labor costs by implementing automated timekeeping. In addition, you will notice better accountability for employees actual hours worked.

Most employers underestimate the costs of little employee bad habits. Chances are that your employees are honest, but the timekeeping process allows “human nature” to cost your business thousands every year.

Examples of how SwipeClock Simplifies Retail Operations:

  • Biometric punching: Ensure employees are on site, on time, and ready to work before getting paid.
  • Collect punches at kiosk: Whether you have an analog phone line, Ethernet connection or need a wireless (cellular) solution we can help.
  • Track lunches and breaks: Pay staff to the minute. Ensure they are on time and ready to help customers.
  • Get Real-time Reports: Understand what your staff is doing and the cost.