TimeWorksPlus is a simple solution for businesses to automate timekeeping. We are able to custom design a solution for you and offer specific features for your industry and type of business.

Cut Labor Costs

There are many ways to save with TimeWorksPlus. Whether it’s controlling costs, recovering overpaid wages, eliminating overhead and human error, or preventing time theft, timekeeping is a small investment that pays you back in so many ways. TimeWorksPlus allows your growing company to thrive rather than being bogged down with time tracking. Let us help you simplify how you do business and get you up and running quickly.

Time Clocks that Integrate Quickly

We offer time clocks that can be setup quickly and integrate with your system. Our variety of timekeeping hardware solutions can be up and running in minutes without all the technicians getting involved. And we offer web-based and mobile timekeeping solutions for the convenience that your employees will appreciate.

Manage Time Cards Quickly

Instead of spending hours calculating, reconciling and juggling punch cards, our solution gives you simple screens to see missing punches and make edits quickly. In addition, you won’t be overwhelmed with things like overtime costs and holiday pay calculations. Get the visibility and tools you need to minimize costs and comfortably handle labor.

TimeWorks Mobile Supervisor Features Overview

Empower Your Employees

Save time for your HR staff, managers and employees with the convenience of Employee Self Service. Time cards shouldn’t be a disruption to all. Now your employees can be part of the solution with access to view and approve their time card, review paid time off availability, and easily request time off approvals.

Mobile Timekeeping for Your Employees

TimeWorksPlus includes the mobile solution. Your supervisors and employees don’t have to be tied to a desk to contribute or be accountable: clock in or out, check PTO balances, request and approve time off, and more.
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Minimize Compliance Risk

Keeping up to date with the legal regulations shouldn’t hamper your business. Running into fines, ACA penalties, DOL audits, and labor disputes can cripple the productivity of your business. With automated timekeeping, you reduce these threats. With things like the Affordable Care Act, FMLA, DOL, and the WHD to worry about, a small investment in technology can save you down the road.