FlexClock Z-Series Z33FlexClock is a feature-rich timekeeping solution that offers employers a wide variety of valuable labor management technologies through a series of practical timekeeping devices.

With the FlexClock Z33/Z34, organizations benefit from a time clock with a built-in biometric fingerprint reader and an on-screen fingerprint view to assist employees clocking in/out. This affordable biometric option also connects via Ethernet for real-time access to employee punch data.

Punch Data Collection – Collecting employee punches with the FlexClock Z33/Z34 is both secure and reliable as employees are verified through a PIN and biometric fingerprint scan. This eliminates the costly expense of “buddy punching” that can occur with card readers or PIN-entry-only time clocks. The Z33/34 fingerprint reader also offers enhanced durability and requires less maintenance with a non-gel prism. As needed, a “Trusted PIN” may be assigned to an employee to eliminate the requirement for a biometric scan.


The Z33 & Z34 offer simplicity and a practical solution for a number of labor challenges. With real-time biometric employee tracking that can be easily wall-mounted in your work environment, these devices are well suited for convenient, but effective time tracking.

The on-screen display enables employees to view their fingerprint image during scanning, helping employees find the position and pressure level for optimal scan recognition and quality.

Connectivity – The Z33 & Z34 connect to the Web to send employee data for online editing exclusively through an Ethernet connection, also commonly referred to as a “digital,” ”Internet-based,” or “IP-based.” Punches are sent continuously throughout the day as employees clock IN/OUT, allowing employers to view punches online in real-time.

FlexClock Z34 Wall Mount

Z33 vs. Z34 Wall Mount and Cosmetics – The FlexClock Z33 and Z34 timekeeping devices are virtually identical products; however, two distinguishing features exist between these two options: the cosmetic “look” of the units and the wall mounting hardware. Cosmetically, the Z33 is “rounded” while the Z34 is “squared.” For wall mounting, additional screws and more secure wall mounting bracket are provided with the Z34. In contrast, the Z33 mounts to the wall via traditional mounting screws.

“Best Fit for the Z33/Z34” – Practical Application

The Z33 and Z34 solutions are ideal for employers desiring the combination of biometric employee identification and real-time (Ethernet) data transfer to the Web, allowing employers to view time card data immediately over the Web. With its ability to give employees instant feedback of their fingerprint placement they can more quickly and consistently clock in and out. Additionally, with the units’ high durability, non-gel fingerprint sensor employers gain additional durability of the fingerprint prism.

The implementation of the Z33/Z34 with biometrics is frequently the solution for companies who face the severe cost associated with employee “buddy punching,” or employee time theft.

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