FlexClock Z-SERIES Z23FlexClock is a feature-rich timekeeping solution that offers employers a wide variety of valuable labor management technologies through a series of practical timekeeping devices.

With the FlexClock Z23, organizations benefit from a time clock that utilizes a built-in biometric fingerprint reader and near real-time connectivity to the Web, all through an affordable device. The FlexClock Z23 is an ideal fit for tracking your employee’s punches.

Product Overview

Punch Data Collection – Collecting employee punches with the Z23 is highly secure and reliable as employees are each identified biometrically through a fingerprint scan, thus eliminating the costly expense of “buddy punching.” Employees may also utilize a PIN to log in, which would typically serve for “verification” between the employee’s PIN and enrolled print. Because of its affordability, the Z23 is a cost-effective solution for your timekeeping needs.

Features – The Z23 offers simplicity and a practical solution for a number of challenges. With near real-time biometric employee tracking that can be easily wall-mounted in your work environment, this device is well suited for convenient but effective time tracking. Near real-time data transmission also makes the Z23 a perfect fit for online “scheduling” features, which enable employers to more precisely track their employees.

Connectivity – The Z23 connects to the Web to send employee data for online editing exclusively through an Ethernet connection, also commonly referred to as “digital,” Internet-based, or IP based. Punches are sent continuously throughout the day as employees clock in/out allowing employers to view punches online in near real-time.

Features Specifics

Affordability: Built-in-Print Reader
The Z23 provides a streamlined, all-in-one solution at an affordable price. With its built in fingerprint reader, employers save on the cost of an additional hardware accessory.

Wall Mount and Cosmetics
Cosmetically the Z23 is a rounded-edge time clock unit that mounts on the wall. The wall mounting screws are included with the unit making setup quick and easy and the Z23 a practical choice for collecting employee time.

“Best Fit for the Z23” – Practical Application

The Z23 solution is ideal for employers desiring the combination of biometric employee identification and near real-time (Ethernet) data transfer to the Web, allowing employers to view time card data, or employee punches, immediately over the Web for supervisory purposes.

The implementation of the Z23 with biometrics is frequently the solution for companies who face the severe cost associated with employee “buddy punching,” or employee time theft, as it is a proven tool to ensure employees are truly on time and on site. And because this device offers near real-time connectivity, supervisors are able to log in online at any point in the day to verify employees are clocked in and at the proper location.

Further, with the fingerprint reader built right into the unit, it’s considered to be a “best value” solution, offering employers features AND affordability. The unit is also well-suited as a wall mounted time clock, and in particular, is a practical fit for “multiple location” or multiple clock installations.

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