FlexClock Vx610GFlexClock is a feature-rich timekeeping solution that offers employers a wide variety of valuable labor management technologies through a series of practical timekeeping devices.

The FlexClock Vx610G offers complete portability for employee punching with the convenience of cellular (GSM wireless) connectivity to the Web in near real- time and an on-board battery for extended on-site punch collection. It’s the perfect fit for punching in the field and on location.

Product Overview

Punch Data Collection — Collecting employee punches with the Vx610G is easily done. The first and most basic method is through the use of an employee Personal Identification Number, or “employee PIN.” The secondary method for recording punches is via a badge or swipe card.

Features — FlexClock Vx610 offers a variety of unique features to help employers effectively maintain a remote work force. Key features include:

  • Clock portability with on-board lithium battery—lasts up to a week
  • Near real-time cellular (GSM wireless) punch transmission
  • Additional terminal memory for long-term punch data storage
  • Alternate Analog data connection for a secondary punch transmission option
  • On-board punch ticket printer

Connectivity — The Vx610G connects to the Web throughout the workday to send employee punch data primarily through a cellular (wireless) data connection. The unit is compatible with the widely-available GSM network (Global System for Mobile Communication) to transmit employee punches, which is the same network used by carriers such as AT&T Wireless and TMobile. Alternatively, the unit may be connected to a standard Analog fax/ phone line for manual and/or nightly punch transmission when such a connection is available.

Feature Specifics

Power Management—Auto ”Sleep” and “Off”
Because the Vx610G is designed for portability it offers energy-saving Power Management features, such as automatic “Sleep” and “Off” modes, to preserve the use of the current charge. When left idle the clock will switch to a “Sleep” mode, followed by an automatic power off if the unit is left idle for an extended period of time.

“Background” Punch Transmission
To minimize the time and battery charge spent by employees at the clock, and to offer supervisors immediate* access to the data online “background” punch transmission permits employees to clock in/out as punches are sent simultaneously to the server.

“Best Fit for the Vx610G” – Practical Application

The Vx610G is an ideal fit for employers desiring a time clock that offers mobility for on site punch collection, including the ability to track employees without an available power source (battery operated) and without a stationary data connection, such as an Analog or Ethernet connection port.

Because the Vx610G can collect punches through a simple employee PIN and send data to the Web throughout the day via a cellular (GSM wireless) connection, it’s a low maintenance solution that gives supervisors the visibility needed to track their “on the job” workforce from the office, such as who has clocked in, who is absent, what jobs are covered, etc.

Generally stated, this solution is best suited for employers and industries, such as construction and entertainment, that do not typically offer the resources needed for a stationary time clock.

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