HandPunch GT-400Hand Geometry Biometics – The HandPunch™ GT-400 from Schlage® is a sophisticated timekeeping solution that allows organizations to record and verify an employee’s punch by the size and shape of their hand in real-time. The employee’s hand becomes their badge.

The HandPunch GT-400 is robust, enabling employers to more effectively capture a biometric punch in diverse environments where employees may possess worn, dirty and damaged prints. This can all be done while preserving the employee’s privacy by not using finger or hand prints.

Punch Data Collection – Collecting employee punches with the HandPunch GT-400 is both quick and reliable as employees are verified by the size and shape of their hand. Employee privacy is ensured as no finger print or hand prints are used to capture the punch. Employee prints are verified by entering their PIN in addition to their hand scan. As such, the GT-400 eliminates the costly expense of both badge cards and “buddy punching,” which can occur with other time clock devices. For easy hand alignment while clocking IN/OUT an LED light bar provides visual feedback to the employee during hand placement.

Features of the HandPunch GT-400

The primary feature of the GT-400 is its sophisticated ability to capture employee punches using the size and shape of the employee’s hand as opposed to other biometric models that target an employee’s finger print for punching, often resulting in difficulties caused by worn, aged or dirty finger prints.

To reduce the potential spread of illness the GT-400 integrates the platen, keypad and chassis with an anti-microbial agent to reduce bacteria build-up by up to 99.9% over a 24-hour period. Worried about needing to enroll employees on multiple devices? No need; employees can be registered on one device, then use any other for clocking in and out.

Connectivity – The HandPunch GT-400 connects to the web to send employee data for online editing exclusively through an Ethernet connection, also commonly referred to as a “digital,” ”Internet-based,” or “IP-based” connection. Punches are sent continuously throughout the day as employees clock IN/OUT, allowing employers to view punches online and in real-time.

Environmental & Other Considerations

The HandPunch GT-400 is a sophisticated verification technology that is well suited for environments with employees possessing worn, damaged or dirty prints. It is also a recommended solution for states or jurisdictions where using finger print biometrics for employee punching is regulated and/or must be considered voluntary.

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