mobile timesheet tracking

Save time for your supervisors with mobile timesheet tracking

mobile timesheet tracking

Supervisors are an exceptionally busy group of people. Triage and prioritization is the norm for this group of individuals who often don’t have enough time to meet the demands of their job… and then comes the added administrative responsibilities of payroll every period. With payroll comes time card reviews, approvals, exceptions, edits, time off requests, updating schedules… and the list goes on. Who has a time for administration?

Perhaps one of the greatest tools available to HR and supervisors in reducing routine administration is an automated time and scheduling software solution. Today, employers who take advantage can cut precious hours of admin out of the weekly grind simply by adopting this automated time clock solution, particularly if the solution includes mobile app functionality.

A Mobile Timesheet App for Supervisors On-the-go

There are countless environments under which supervisors operate. Clearly, not all supervisors have access to a computer throughout the bulk of their workday, which limits the ability to monitor and influence employee time management. In these cases, a mobile timesheet app is the perfect answer.

In some cases, a business may only have one or a few computers on hand for essential tasks, such as retail or manufacturing environments. This is a common limitation in the managerial level’s ability to edit and approve time sheets. But connecting managers to time management data through a mobile device can be highly valuable in increasing productivity and reducing the cost of labor. The ability to review schedules, edit and approve employee time sheets or approve time off requests are just some examples.

Today, you can empower your supervisors through a mobile app that puts these time-sensitive tasks at their fingertips. With supervisors in a position to quickly respond to exceptions and employee time off requests, employee satisfaction improves, payroll accuracy improves, and employee productivity increases as well.

Features that Save Time for Supervisors

With the many tasks that supervisors must juggle, finding ways to remove steps and reduce time is clearly very valuable. An automated timesheet solution with a mobile app does just that. The following are some examples of how a mobile timesheet solution adds convenience for supervisors:

  • See who’s clocked in, out and on vacation – For supervisors on the move, knowing on-demand who is working, clocked out, on vacation or otherwise can be very valuable. With our mobile app, supervisors can check that info any time.
  • Edit and review employee time cards – An employee’s time sheet is an important indicator of an employee’s productivity. But also, exceptions occur, requiring notes to be added to a card or edits to occur. With a mobile app, this step no longer requires a trip to the office and delay. Supervisors can easily view and edit time cards or when it’s most convenient.
  • Approve Time Off Requests – Time off is an important part of employment. But supervisors or HR are often tasked with managing difficult decisions related to time off approvals without adequate data. Approvals can take time, frustrating employees and supervisors who don’t have the time for requests. With a mobile timesheet app, these steps are simplified.
  • View employee schedules – Supervisors often manage diverse groups of employees and shifts throughout the day. Put scheduling data in the hand of your key staff with mobile.

Time and attendance software can be a tremendous investment for employers, minimizing administration and workforce costs. But with the added convenience of mobile, your managers are empowered to connect with critical workforce data that has been perhaps inaccessible, improving productivity and time management in a convenient way. Contact us at 941 Timekeeping to learn more about how mobile timekeeping and advanced employee scheduling software can help your organization.

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