Timekeeping and working from home

Timekeeping and Working From Home

Timekeeping and working from home

There once may have been a time when an employee had to climb the corporate ladder to pursue and attain a certain level of responsibility before being awarded true autonomy. Once telecommuting or working from home became a possibility for most staff, an unprecedented level of trust was suddenly required of employers. More than ever before, accountability had to be quantifiable, measurable via a reliable system. Today, cost-effective software exists and achieves just that, even for small businesses. However, there are still challenges employers may face.

Trusting Telecommuters

While working from home is more common than ever, the influence of our culture, history and education has not been eliminated by any stretch of the imagination. Employees will always share that basic training, implemented since grade school, to wake up and report to an authority figure early in the morning, until permitted to leave at the pre-ordained time. As a result, on-site staff may be prone to gossip when it comes to telecommuters. The pressure for accountability will come from within the organization, which is wholly unnecessary.

In the past, this might propel an employer to check the company’s VPN logs, which are basically a record of employee activity, such as internet access, downloaded files, etc. This method is indirect and fails to promote trust. The idea is to take advantage of modern technology’s ability to diminish any sense of remoteness or distance. Telecommuters should be able to clock in with a sense of punching in alongside co-workers. Once co-workers feel the same, the trust that their colleagues at home are being held accountable will be enforced.

Telecommuter Technology

It is essential to our business that our timekeeping software not only remain ahead of the competition but that it successfully integrates with all the other current technology that enables modern employment practices like telecommuting to be successful. While it is reasonable to expect our services to facilitate timekeeping, payroll and benefits tracking from home, it will still more than likely be a necessity to communicate face-to-face at some point. The era of Skype has made doing so via the internet a mundane feat. We would fully expect an employer to rely on this capability in conjunction with using our software.

Some workplace clichés hold on for dear life but end up proving useful. For example, on-site staff should feel much better about their remote colleagues once they are able to gather at the “virtual watercooler”. Our focus may be on the relationship between you and your remote staff but we remain savvy to the big picture of the work environment. In addition to investing in our software, we expect you to round out your virtual office with complementary tech.

Automated timekeeping does not, nor will it ever, exist in a vacuum. That lonely little clock on a wall in a break room does not suffice as an image that represents what we do. Martial arts legend Bruce Lee famously said “Become like water, my friend.” At every new juncture in your business’s growth, we wish to be there to fill your needs. Should you feel increasing the number of employees working from home, we will guarantee success.

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