mobile timesheet app

Improve Work-life Balance with a Mobile Timesheet App

mobile timesheet app

In today’s work environment where technology has allowed work to follow employees 24×7 through the multitude of devices we use each day, work-life balance has become a highly valuable commodity. The luxury of having a flexible work schedule has always been a prized possession, and paid time off continues to be one of the most coveted benefits around.

In a perfect world, employers could offer employees unlimited paid time off while maximizing, or at least meeting, their revenue objectives. Although this reality may not exist for most, technology is enabling employers and employees to achieve schedule flexibility while also making the most of their paid time off.

Mobile Employee Self Service (ESS) for Timesheet Management 

Paid time off is a precious resource to any employee. There’s simply never enough, and maximizing the use of these hours for the greatest impact is always at the top of an employee’s wish list. For employers, the ability to offer meaningful time off can be equally as important. PTO is a critical tool and resource for recruiting and retaining talent.

Although employers can’t always offer as much time off as they’d like, there are now ways through technology (automated time and attendance) to maximize the impact of what is available. Clearly, it makes sense for both sides to invest in maximizing an employee’s use of paid time off hours. Today, achieving this is more feasible than ever through a time and labor software solution that offers Employee Self Service (ESS) with a timesheet and scheduling app.

Accelerate Time Off Approvals by Supervisors

So often, employees wish to take time off only to find out the request is delayed or denied resulting in a missed opportunity. In other cases, employees feel too trapped to even request time off. If your employees perceive they are unable to take time off… for whatever reason, you have a costly cultural issue that can result in burnout and turnover. Address this problem with a time and labor solution.

Supervisors are often too busy or not equipped with the necessary on-demand data to quickly respond to such requests. On-demand data is needed regarding the employee’s eligibility and available staff alternatives. This ongoing disruption and delay causes undue frustration for all parties. And because employees often don’t have the visibility needed to know what days are open for time off requests, they are often denied and supervisors waste valuable time repeating this cycle.

With a mobile timesheet and scheduling app, these problems are solved. Here are a few ways how:

Convenient Time Management Features Your Employees Will Love

  • Request time off and view accrued hours through on a mobile device – When employees have convenient access to view their available accrued time off, both in the present and future, it’s a win. But when employees can also conveniently request time off and have confidence their supervisor will be empowered to quickly review and respond to the request, employees are finally able to take time off when it means the most.
  • Convenient supervisor reviews and request approvals – When a request for time off is made, supervisors have a lot to consider. How much time does the employee have available at the time the days are needed? Who are the ideal replacements for that individual and are they available? With automated time and attendance, answers to these questions are convenient and immediate.
  • Increase schedule flexibility through an employee shift trade board – When employees have the ability to maintain a flexible schedule, job satisfaction improves. But supervisors don’t always have the tools and time to allow such flexibility. With a timekeeping solution, now they can. Employees can easily swap shifts through an Employee Trade Board that utilizes text and email collaboration to notify and fill open shifts in mere minutes.
  • View the best days to take off through an Employee Calendar – Nobody appreciates the lost time involved when a time off request is denied. But with advanced employee scheduling, employees have the ability to see when taking time off is optimal. Employees not only gain the ability to easily request future time off based on earned hours, but they can also see if others in the department have already received an approval for time off. This reduces the time involved for supervisors while increasing approval rates for employees.
  • Clocking in and out with GPS pinpoint verification – More than ever, workforces are becoming more mobile and remote. For employers, tracking these employees has always been a leap of faith, difficult, and costly. Today, with GPS pinpoint verification, employees can now conveniently clock in or out through a mobile time (if authorized) and validate their location, giving employees convenience and employers accountability.

The value of meaningful time off is high for both employees and employers. The ability to offer work flexibility to employees can also be a competitive advantage for employers in attracting and retaining their staff. By investing in a simple, affordable time and scheduling solution, not only can you reduce the cost of workforce management, but you can also better offer the priceless sense of work-life balance to your staff.

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