advanced time keeping and property management

Property Management Especially Suited For Advanced Timekeeping

advanced time keeping and property management

Property management is the sort of business where a mobile, web-based timekeeping and payroll system can really strut its stuff. While other operations may be based under one roof or in a central location, the geographical range of a property management company can be quite wide, with staff spread all over.

A landlord starts as a staff of one. A property management company accumulates multiple properties, relies on their respective managers and retains the services of a real estate attorney. All the usual applicant screening and rent collection is still a big part of the day-to-day, as is responding to maintenance requests. Most, if not all of these aspects are already computer-aided. Keeping track of employee time and attendance should be no different.

The Big Picture

Business owners have to be able to do their own work without losing sight of the big picture. A property management team can mean multiple managers with multiple properties of their own to visit. To say that such a staff is scattered and tough to keep track of would be an understatement.  Thankfully, that capability is now virtual. Employees once again feel as if they are under one roof. The means to know where they are and what they are doing can be stored in one’s pocket. Using a mobile device, the owner of a property management company can do the following:

  • Use GPS to verify work: Relying on remote operators is no longer a hassle thanks to GPS tracking. If your business is property management, your staff will expect a degree of freedom without micromanagement or being constantly checked on. Once again, technology comes through and makes this easy to accomplish.
  • Track location and IP addresses: The ability to track IP addresses will ensure accuracy regarding clock-in times. Employees won’t be able to have someone else clock in for them, nor will they be able to enter false times.
  • Get real-time, detailed updates: Thanks to cloud-based software, each time an employee clocks in, a plethora of information is instantly available. Where they clock in and what they are working on can be viewed at any time. You will even be able to generate reports according to the job, the project, the client, etc.

 Peace of Mind

At first, business owners were probably not too keen on the fact that digital technology would mean anyone could reach them at any time, even on vacation. Now, they realize it means vacations can be taken any time, regardless of the destination. That’s even better than peace of mind, isn’t it? After all, property management is still just as 24-7 as being a landlord. It is a business that must be able to carry on without you. Managers must be able to work autonomously, regardless of whether you are on vacation or not. Just how does advanced timekeeping play a role in this?

  • No ‘buddy’ system: Thanks again to IPS address tracking, old tricks like the ‘buddy’ system, where employees have other employees clock them in, are obsolete. Trust is based on more than this, but it’s a sound basis for feeling able to rely on staff while enjoying your time off.
  • Safety & back-up: With SSL encryption and daily backups, our system for storing data is secure.

Staff Approval

Members of a property management team must be self-sufficient. Their job satisfaction depends on that fact just as much as your peace of mind. The benefits their approval will likely hinge on include:

  • Ability to track their own hours: Whether it be vacation time, PTO hours or just regular work hours, staff can enter their own information and double check its accuracy. They will be able to do so from virtually anywhere, from any device.
  • Accountability: The type of employee best suited for property management thrives when left to account for their own time. Independence and autonomy are byproducts of our services that just happen to be prime motivators for individuals in this field.

Once upon a time, payroll was the domain of a small staff of employees responsible for collecting timesheets and calculating hours. Matters of staffing required staff members. There will always be a human element but some industries have always required more streamlined, efficient methods. With mobile, web-based payroll services, a centrally located department is not as necessary. The onus of timekeeping is shared unilaterally, company-wide. For those working in property management, the very definition of ‘workplace’ is as fluid as their schedule.

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