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Improve Employee Retention with Advanced Employee Scheduling Software

advanced employee schedulingRetaining your best employees has a major impact on profitability, cost and customer satisfaction. But retaining employees certainly isn’t easy. One of the most important factors for an employee in choosing an employer, and perhaps more importantly, staying with an employer long-term… is perceived job flexibility. In fact, this benefit alone can be enough for an employee to stick around for fear of losing such an important convenience.

But for employers, offering work schedule flexibility comes at a cost. Employers want to minimize change and labor costs. Further, it is especially taxing for supervisors and departments to accommodate the change as it has historically required a great deal of research and coordination. The good news is, through technology, many of these challenges have been virtually eliminated… or at least automated through today’s advanced employee scheduling software. Yes, employers can now offer flexibility… without the overhead.

Advanced Scheduling Automates Employee Flexibility 

What if employers could offer employees a great deal of flexibility and influence over their schedule without the significant increase cost and overhead? If employees could simply submit a request for a shift swap, and that request was distributed and filled automatically. If supervisors had an auto-generated list of “best-fit” candidates to fill in based on wage, skill and overtime considerations. Or if supervisors could simply allow all eligible employees to be notified of the opportunity, pick up the shift, and simply approve the change once filled. These types of conveniences and many more are now possible through advanced employee scheduling software.

Advanced Scheduling Features

The truth of the matter is that business runs through people, and people have lives and unexpected circumstances that cause them to need a degree of flexibility. Unfortunately, supervisors rarely have enough time to manage day to day tasks let alone accommodate constant change. For employers who can offer such flexibility and minimize the cost on personnel, those employers will see reduced costs related to turnover, labor, and workforce administration.

See below for an introductory list of key features that allow for increased flexibility without the overhead:

  • Drag-and-drop Schedule Builder – With advanced scheduling software, supervisors gain the ability to create, adjust and maintain employee schedules in a fraction of the time with drag-and-drop convenience, automated notification and edit processes, and improved visibility.
  • Email and Text Collaboration – Through automated email and text alerts, when employees need to swap a shift, the supervisor doesn’t have to put everything aside to find a replacement. Eligible employees can be notified and elect to pick up available shifts in a matter of minutes, pending the supervisor’s approval.
  • Set Employee Availability – With advanced employee scheduling, employees can conveniently designate when they are and are not available. They can also identify which days are already unavailable for time off within the department. This way, both the system and staff know when and who can fill shifts.
  • Best-Fit Wizard – Finding a replacement is not always a simple decision, but with automated alerts to employees AND a system that can automatically recommend employees based on the appropriate criteria, such as skill and cost, filling shifts becomes extremely convenient.

The need to make work schedule edits based on life circumstances is inevitable for employees, but reducing the time and emotional toll on both supervisors and employees is a great competitive advantage for employers. Contact us at 941 Timekeeping to learn how an advanced employee scheduling solution can improve your employee retention while reducing the associated costs.

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