Timekeeping for the food and beverage industry

Timekeeping for the Food & Beverage Industry

Timekeeping for the food and beverage industry

In the food and beverage industry, success and employee time management go hand-in-hand. These types of organizations “live and die” by the ongoing punctuality and timely service of their departments, whether that be with the customer, in the kitchen or at the point of sale. Staffing is not only critical to service, but also when it comes to profitability. The cost of labor for most organizations is among their greatest expenses, but for the food and beverage industry where staffing is diverse and dynamic, this can be especially costly.

Although some concessions are in place for the food and beverage industry to lower the cost of wages in exchange for payment through tips, it is nevertheless critical for these companies to track employee schedules and time to the minute. The most effective tool to do this is an automated timekeeping and scheduling software solution. For most organizations, these two tools immediately reduce many hours to mere minutes in preparing and processing employee time. They also reduce the cost of wages and compliance risk. That’s not bad for a simple, affordable online tool!

Simplifying Life for the Food and Beverage Industry

An automated timesheet and online scheduling solution is a tremendous help to food and beverage operators. Here are just some of the ways it helps from day one:

  1. Assign and effortlessly track multiple pay rates and departments for employees.
  2. Enable employees to seamlessly clock in and out of departments throughout the workday.
  3. Make it simple to track employee breaks with “break” and “meal” keys.
  4. Create recurring and/or dynamic employee schedules through a simple, drag-and-drop employee scheduling tool.
  5. Allow employees to swap shifts within minutes through automated text and email notifications.
  6. Conveniently collect tips and other data types from the employee right at the time clock.
  7. Set up employee shift differentials to automatically pay differing rates based on a work shift.
  8. Enable employees and supervisors to conveniently manage hours and time off requests right from a mobile app.
  9. Instantly view reports and labor costs by department, group, or location.
  10. Enable employees to clock in from multiple locations or entities. 

Loss from Employee Breaks

One of the most common sources for lost productivity is employee breaks. Employees are generally entitled to a morning, afternoon, and meal breaks for a standard 8-hour shift. However, these breaks can vary as shifts come in many shapes and sizes in the food and beverage industry, making tracking and accounting very difficult.

But how are these breaks tracked? And are they accurately tracked? Are your employees abusing break periods? It is not uncommon for employees to routinely take breaks for longer periods than they are permitted. This challenge can be addressed with our new web-based “break” and “meal” keys. Now you can be sure employee breaks are not affecting your customer’s experience, your productivity or your bottom line.

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There are many time and profitability challenges organizations face that can be immediately addressed with a simple, affordable timesheet solution. Automated timekeeping is an excellent time and cost savings tool, particularly for the food and beverage industry. Contact us at 941 Timekeeping to learn more about ways we can help you save.

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