Timekeeping for the Construction Industry

Timekeeping for the Construction Industry

In the construction industry, running an efficient operation is critical for success, particularly when it comes to competing and winning contracts while maintaining profitability for those engagements. It comes as no surprise that managing time and labor expenses is one of the most important elements of this challenge, but this has proven to be very challenging with the mobile or remote nature of construction. This is why investing in a simple, affordable timesheet and scheduling software is so critical for construction operators.

Accurately tracking the cost of labor while minimizing administrative challenges may seem unrealistic or not feasible for construction organizations. Adequate technology has not always been available and affordable for these types of operations. But fortunately, this has all changed with automated time and labor software.

Challenges for Construction in Time Management

It wasn’t too long ago that the idea of using a pencil and 2×4’s to record hours was a consideration. Today, construction crews continue to have unique challenges. Crews often work in multiple locations or remote locations that don’t offer internet connectivity. Seasonal labor fluctuations are the norm, while job costing and cost analysis can be very difficult to manage. However, with automated timekeeping, these challenges are addressed… affordably.

Let’s take a look at a number of system features available with today’s timesheet automation that can simplify time management for construction organizations:

  • Mobile App – Bringing a time clock on site has never been practical. Numerous issues are present, from where to safely place a clock to establishing connectivity. Now, crew members and supervisors can use a simple solution with a mobile app to record and manage time. More importantly, the employee’s location at the time of punch in/out can be captured and validated to ensure crew members are on time and on site. Finally, crew members can also record a punch even when connectivity is not available, and that punch will be processed once connectivity returns.
  • Telephone – If relying on an app is not feasible, punches can also be recorded through a convenient phone call.
  • GPS Pinpoint Location – Construction crews often work across numerous locations, making time fraud, accurate time tracking and job costing a challenge. With GPS Pinpoint location tracking the crew member’s location is now recorded as punches are.
  • Job costing – Allocating costs to the appropriate job, location, or other category is an essential step in maintaining profitability. With an automated timesheet solution tracking those details is simplified as crew members enter job details while recording their time, making on-demand cost reporting a reality.
  • Multiple locations – Conveniently and accurately track crew members as they move from location to location with a single punch.
  • Batch-punch multiple crew members at once – For certain job sites or crews it can make more sense for a supervisor to clock in a group of employees at once. With our mobile app, this step takes just seconds to complete.
  • See who’s clocked in – Need to know who’s clocked in, out or on vacation on a moment’s notice? Not a problem. Supervisors can quickly find this information in a single view.

Tracking time for construction companies has always been a challenge, but being able to control and predict costs is a matter of survival. Fortunately, today’s affordable time card technology has made this challenge is easier than ever while simplifying how time is accurately tracked on site.

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