Manual Timekeeping Simply Isn’t Worth It

Manual Timekeeping Simply Isn’t Worth It

Manual Timekeeping Simply Isn’t Worth It

Time is money. It is a universal cliché. In our business, it is about as on the nose as it can get. Your company’s time management is not just an HR concern. It keeps the doors open. That is precisely how serious we take our mobile and Web-based timekeeping services. Perhaps we should take a step back and recall the pitfalls of manual time & attendance systems, which some businesses still utilize. It may be a good idea to draw a line in the sand, to clearly see the advantages of updating.

The erroneous thinking most often attached to sticking with the manual approach is that paper is somehow cheaper. Technology somehow still registers as costly to some business owners. This could not be further from the truth. At the very least, our technology eliminates time-honored wastes such as:


OK, perhaps ‘theft’ is a strong word. When it comes to time, people are not exactly precise, not even with their own time. A natural inclination to round up with their numbers costs you the employer money. When held responsible for filling out two weeks’ worth of hourly work, accuracy tends to suffer. Quantify that margin of error and multiply it by the number of employees filing those timesheets. Whatever number you come up with is not a number you want to see. Maybe employees with a fixed schedule can be counted on to come reasonable close. On the other hand, you probably have managers, salesmen and others in the field without predictable hours. It’s hardly seen as unscrupulous to apply uniformity to a timesheet. If anything, it’s probably seen as efficient. We guarantee you will not see it the same way.

Human error

How about the employees who add up the time sheets? They’re human, right? Whether the employee does it or you have someone in the human resources department do it, there is simply too much room for error. Trust us, you don’t want to start referring to it as the human error department. Those hours have dollars attached to them. Do not leave those calculations in human hands.


Odds are, at least one employee is required to make any of the above possible. That’s one timesheet that you’re paying, just so all the others can be managed. Timesheets are physical objects that must be kept track of, compiled, organized, etc. The more people required to see to it, the more it costs you. Are we implying that you should cut them loose? Of course, not. After all, time is money, right? Using our services may eliminate their function but that only frees up their time for other, more useful tasks.

The math that matters must be done. Why leave it up to someone with feelings on the subject? Why guess just how good your staff is at math? Automation is the only answer. The uniformity of our solutions, once integrated, will only ensure a night of sound sleep.

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