Automated Timekeeping Stimulates Small Business

Automated Timekeeping Stimulates Small Business

Automated Timekeeping Stimulates Small Business

Small business owners want to increase profit. To do so, they cannot waste time tracking and reviewing employee time and attendance, much less pay someone else to do it. A small business owner needs a system that will reduce costs, automate processes, shield the business from liability, and save time.

So, what is the small business owner’s solution? Solutions are what automated timekeeping offer to small businesses and medium sized organizations alike. Here are three examples of how automated timekeeping solutions can stimulate your small business. 


Small business owners need to see return on investments sooner rather than later. Automated timekeeping does that by eliminating employee overpayment and data entry errors. Efficiency is the goal. Think about the time spent auditing employee time cards. What a waste! Today, automated timekeeping exists in the same realm as all other facets of business: on your phone or portable device.   


Just what does ‘automated’ mean to the small business owner? In one word? It means simplification. Complication is costly. The list of processes automated by an automated timekeeping solution include:

  • Employee pay rates.
  • Overtime calculation.
  • Employee scheduling.
  • Audit reporting.
  • Benefit appropriation.
  • Vacation Accrual.
  • Attendance tracking.
  • Employee communication

Your employees must remain in the loop. They may have questions that automation cannot answer but it can do the next best thing. It can provide an e-mail template so that such questions can still be directed to the right party. For example, one of the most common employee concerns is probably PTO, or paid time off. Accruing and requesting paid time off has never been simpler. Thus, human resources should have the same ease when it comes to responding to PTO-related questions. The same goes for holiday and overtime pay.


Major lawsuits have crippled companies of considerable size. A small business cannot afford to risk any legal trouble. Automated timekeeping provides assurance of protection from such disaster. A reliable time and attendance system means consistent recordkeeping. Few practices protect a business more effectively than consistent recordkeeping.

Does your small business need to comply with regulations specific to your industry? You will find that automated timekeeping has you covered there as well. Fines and litigation stemming from violations can be avoided when using our timekeeping solutions.

The sooner you streamline your administrative work with our timekeeping solutions, the sooner you can focus on growing your business. Making sure you achieve your goals just happens to be one of ours. You can request a 30-Day trial or you can also watch a video demonstration.

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