Online Timekeeping for the Tourism Industry

Online Timekeeping for the Tourism Industry

In the tourism industry, what typically matters most is the customer’s experience. Delivering that experience, however, ties directly to your staff and how they manage their time. Punctuality matters not only for a superior experience but also for profitability, but with the many different types of duties, job functions and locations involved in tourism operations, capturing accurate employee time might seem unrealistic or expensive. Fortunately, with today’s online timekeeping and automated scheduling software that challenge has been solved.

Online Timekeeping to Improve Profitability

Profitability is critical for any company, but often, the cost of employee labor can make profitability a challenge. As one of your greatest expenses, if you could reduce your cost of wages, overtime, payroll taxes, and employee paperwork by simply adopting an online timekeeping solution, chances are you would make that investment. Good news is… that’s exactly what an online time and attendance solution can do for you.

Here are five ways an automated timesheet or scheduling software solution can improve profitability for companies in the tourism business:

  • Schedule your employees in minutes, not hours – Setting schedules for numerous employee groups, departments, locations, shifts and beyond can take tremendous time. Today, however, if you’re not already aware, supervisors can benefit from drag-and-drop software that makes creating, repeating, and adjusting schedules easier than ever. If you’re still managing spreadsheets, paper calendars, and other non-automated forms of scheduling, stop… and start saving the hours of paperwork each and every pay period with an automated schedule maker.
  • Track mobile and remote employees accurately and with ease – Tourism requires a wide range of job duties. Often, the line between “on the clock” and “off the clock” get blurred resulting in extra pay for employees. Now with the combination of mobile web or app punching and telephone timekeeping, capturing employee’s punches conveniently and to the minute is simple. With GPS pinpoint accuracy, you can even verify your employees are on site as well as on time.
  • Track departments, locations, tips, shifts, and other job types – There’s a broad range of functions that must be tracked for companies in tourism. Now these functions can all be easily and accurately tracked at the time clock. Employees can report both categorical or numerical data as they clock in or clock out in seconds. This practice saves time while reducing error and time fraud.
  • Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal – When employees are given convenient tools to manage their time card, schedule, and time off, accountability becomes simple. Offer your supervisors and employees the convenience of a mobile time clock app to improve their time management habits.
  • Biometric Timekeeping – Employee “buddy punching” is a costly but common problem for many companies, especially when employees are not in a traditional, central office. Minimize the cost and risk of employee time theft with an affordable biometric time clock.

Ask Us About Saving with Online Timekeeping

With the high cost of employee labor and administration, take advantage of readily available tools that immediately begin to lower that cost. In the process, you will also find labor compliance more manageable. Contact us at 941 Timekeeping to learn more about saving on payroll with an online timekeeping or scheduling software solution.

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