Track Meals and Breaks with New Workforce Management Clock

Workforce Management Clock

We hear frequently in daily life that “time is money.” For employers, no statement could be more true than when it comes to their staff’s time and productivity. In short, every minute on the clock translates to employee wages. With employee wages often being an employer’s greatest expense, finding ways to control and minimize that cost should be a high priority.

To help in that initiative, in August we’re introducing a new, web-based Workforce Management Clock with smart features to further reduce the cost of employee labor while also reducing the administrative time required by supervisors and HR to report on employee time.

Save on labor by tracking employee breaks and meals

One of the most common sources of lost productivity and overpaid wages is employee breaks and meals. Simply stated, without a technology in place to accurately track these breaks, employers almost always end up overpaying, leading to increased wages, overtime or lost productivity. This can also lead to additional administration and editing time. With our new web-based Workforce Management Clock, this problem is solved.

What many employers don’t realize is just how much they are overpaying in wages due to poor break and meal tracking. This is especially true when employers are not using any sort of web-based time tracking software.

Often, employees are not asked to record breaks simply because it’s not convenient. In other cases, it can be problematic to sort out paid and unpaid time related to a break. Why not simplify this task with break keys that will track and manage those minutes automatically?

Simplify Department Transfer

When employees switch between departments throughout the work day, it often results in increased administration for supervisors or confusion at the clock for employees. Department changes often have important pay implications. They generally involve new pay rates, shift differentials or other pay considerations. With our new dedicated “Transfer” key, moving between departments, job codes or other pay categories is not only more intuitive for the employee, but also saves time for the supervisor and HR in sorting out the pay details.

New workforce management features to watch for…

  • New Punch Types
    • Easily identify both work and rest periods.
    • Improve how your dedicated breaks are tracked and reported.
    • Improve tracking of departments, job codes and more with a dedicated “Transfer” key.
  • Introducing PunchLogic
    • Reduce the amount of duplicate punches, punch errors and edits with PunchLogic.
    • Improve the accuracy and auditability of your timekeeping data for compliance.
  • Configurable Settings
    • Benefit from a more customized clock experience to fit your needs.


If you are currently using a spreadsheet, handwritten punch cards, or asking your employees to track their own time, you’re already overpaying for employee labor. Start reducing your cost of administration and wages with automated time and labor. Contact us at 941 Timekeeping to learn more.

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