Time and Labor Solutions for the Agricultural Industry


For companies serving in the agricultural industry, it comes as no surprise that unique challenges exist. Getting the most of your labor dollars and workforce is a priority for all organizations, but this is especially difficult for agri-business operations that often have remote workers, seasonal volatility and unique labor compliance requirements.

Technology is the usual answer, but taking advantage of the latest and most convenient technologies may not seem to be an option for many agriculture-related companies. But today, this has all changed. These companies can now drastically reduce administration time, their cost of employee labor, and increase profitability by implementing a simple, affordable time and attendance system that can operate in rural or remote locations.

Time Management Challenges for Agricultural Businesses

Staying in compliance with wage and hour laws can be challenging. Timesheet management can be error-prone and time consuming for any company, but recordkeeping is a necessary part of time and labor compliance. For agricultural businesses, those challenges are even greater. These organizations are responsible for tracking additional minimum wage and overtime exemptions, youth employment provisions, and more detailed recordkeeping requirements. Compliance guidelines can be altogether different by job definition.

Naturally, agricultural businesses also face dynamic seasonal labor fluctuations that may require working with labor contractors, which can increase joint liability in labor practices. Profitability always remains a challenge, but with the ever-increasing rise in audits and penalties from the Department of Labor, it is important that agricultural businesses can comply in a convenient, affordable and reliable way.

The Solution – Time and Attendance

With the many challenges, managing recordkeeping and time management using paper timesheets or anything less than an accurate and automated electronic system is simply too costly. A web-based timesheet not only increases company profitability, but also makes life easier for staff handling payroll.

Here are a few examples of how:

  1. On-demand labor cost analysis – With the convenience of electronic time tracking and employee scheduling, you have instant reporting of recorded labor data. You can now begin to accurately track labor dollars and begin taking control of the cost. With older punch clock and paper timesheet methods, you’re simply not able to measure and control this expense in a manner that’s timely enough to maintain.
  2. Track time effortlessly and accurately for remote and contract employees – More than likely, you have employees working in areas where a time clock cannot be placed. But with today’s time clock options, employees can clock in through a mobile device or by placing a phone call. With GPS pinpoint tracking, you can even know your employees are on time as well as on site.
  3. Automate overtime tracking by department – Overtime regulations can vary by job description, age or other factors in agriculture making compliance a challenge. This is why an electronic system is so vital. With an online time and labor system, these overtime settings can be applied automatically by employee department or group. This way, your FLSA compliance can be reliable and flexible according to the need.
  4. Biometric employee verification – Given the nature of agriculture work, using a biometric time clock to eliminate employee “buddy punching” has historically been difficult. Employee hands are often too dirty or too worn to reliability record punches. However, with our HandPunch GT-400, the size and shape of an employee’s hand can be used to reliably record punches in place of unreliable fingerprints.

With a simple, affordable online time clock solution, employers can greatly increase profitability. But also important is remaining compliant with wage and hour regulations, which is simplified with time and attendance. Contact 941 Timekeeping to learn more about reducing paperwork and simplifying your time management process.

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