Timesheet Solutions for Non-Profits

Timesheet Solutions for Non-Profits

As a non-profit organization, fulfilling your mission is the top priority. But often, other priorities compete for your attention and resources. Inevitably, you must manage costs, funding initiatives, and administrative responsibilities to remain operational… just to name a few. While all these distractions are essential, minimizing the associated time and expense so you can remain focused on the mission at hand is critical. One tremendous tool you can implement to drastically reduce your admin time and operational costs related to staffing is an automated time and labor or scheduling software solution.

Key Benefits of a Time Card Calculator

Simply put, an automated timesheet solution is a critically important tool in reducing costs and administration for employers and non-profits alike. While these benefits alone are paramount, a time card calculator also plays a key role in increasing staff and volunteer productivity and decreasing compliance risk, which are never-ending challenges and risks. It can also increase the satisfaction of your volunteers, employees and supervisors by improving convenience, communications, flexibility and expectations in managing their schedules.

Easy, Affordable Implementation

Frequently, non-profit organizations assume a modern, technology solution like automated time and labor is cost-prohibitive or difficult to implement… resulting in non-implementation. The reality is the exact opposite. For example, at 941 Timekeeping, most of our time clock solutions are plug-and-play and can be set up in a matter of minutes. Further, they’re very affordable and will begin to pay for themselves straight away.

Simplifying Non-profit Tracking

As a non-profit, you have numerous challenges related to administration and time management. Specific to time, most likely you must track hours for volunteers and employees across diverse circumstances, then correlate those hours specifically to a project or initiative. You may have seasonal and short-term employees where labor compliance and proper time tracking become critical to maximizing budget allocations. Operating remotely and across multiple locations is also quite common. These challenges and many more are instantly simplified with an automated timesheet tool. Both supervisors and employees can easily view, manage, schedule, approve and be accountable for their time in minutes with a simple, affordable solution while HR and supervisors spend far less time on paperwork and maximizing their staff’s time.

Cost Savings for Non-profits with Time & Labor

Tracking and allocating costs associated with your non-profit is critical, and even more importantly, continually doing more with less is a never-ending requirement. One of your greatest expenses is employee labor. For that reason, implementing an automated time clock solution is frequently the best way to reduce your cost of staffing, minimize overtime exposure, and gain control over how employee labor dollars are spent.

How much of your funding is spent on labor costs, and how much could you reduce labor expenses immediately by implementing an automated timesheet solution? If you’re currently using a spreadsheet or paper timesheet to track employee time, you are already overpaying for employee labor! That is almost a certainty. If you’re not already using an online solution to track time and schedules here are some of the most common ways to save on labor:

  • Employee Punch Rounding and Approximations – If your employee and volunteer time is not automatically captured and recorded to the minute, most likely, your employees are rounding and estimating their hours. Typically, employees will round to the nearest 15 minute mark… in their favor, which can cost you significantly. With an average of four to 8 punches recorded per day (in/out, lunch, breaks), it can be common to overpay for labor by hundreds of hours every month.
  • Late Arrival, Early Departure and Extended Breaks – Without an automated timesheet and scheduling software solution, most likely, your employees often arrive late, leave early and take breaks longer than what’s authorized. It’s simply human nature. With an automated time tracking tool, you don’t pay the cost for those minutes that add up very quickly.
  • Employee Time Manipulation – When an electronic time solution is not in place, it’s common for employees and volunteers to develop costly habits. When employees are expected to remember or manage their timesheet, it’s very common for times to be exaggerated, misrepresented, or manipulated. Even if those tweaks are minor and seemingly insignificant, they amount to thousands in overpaid labor every year.
  • Reduce overtime – With an automated solution, not only will you begin paying employees to the minute for actual time worked, often resulting in less accrued overtime, but you’ll be able to schedule and detect overtime before it occurs.

As a non-profit, remaining focused on your cause is essential. While your administrative requirements cannot be ignored, an automated time and labor solution will be a great help in maximizing the impact of your time and funds. Contact us at 941 Timekeeping to learn more about how.


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