Timesheet Calculator for Healthcare

Timesheet Calculator for Healthcare

As a healthcare service provider, your top priority is your patient’s health and care-related outcomes… at least that’s where you’d like to be spending your resources, correct? The reality, however, is that managing any service organization and its people can easily get in the way from an HR perspective.

As an owner, director, supervisor or otherwise… you can be especially disrupted in your efforts to focus on the core mission with managing staff administration. If scheduling, tracking, adjusting and otherwise managing employee time and attendance is getting in the way of what matters most… automated timesheet and scheduling software can help tremendously.

Save Time & Save Labor Dollars

Put simply, an automated timesheet and scheduling software solution can save healthcare facilities countless hours of administration, staff management time and labor dollars. Whether you’re a smaller medical office or a larger facility, you can minimize payroll dollars while completing administrative tasks in a fraction of the time.

A timesheet solution can quickly streamline many common healthcare tracking challenges. For example, these facilities typically manage multiple shifts per day that involve complicated shift premium pay rates based on when those shifts begin and end. Supervisors must frequently juggle shift swaps between employees based on certain skill requirements, with on-call or unexpected hours worked that affect overtime costs and staff coverage ratios. Countless hours are spent simply creating, tracking and adjusting employee schedules. The good news is that these tasks can all be drastically simplified with an automated time and labor solution.

Simplified Shift Planning for Healthcare

If only creating employee schedules could take half the time it currently does for supervisors! How convenient it would be if employees could be notified of shift availabilities instantly and make a swap electronically in a matter of minutes through text and email alerts. With automated scheduling, that’s all possible and easily done! That’s also just the beginning.

Creating, recreating or adjusting schedules generally takes a great deal of time…as does requesting time off for employees and approving time off requests for supervisors. This is especially a burden for healthcare staff when numerous shifts and skill requirements apply. Labor costs can also be tricky to manage with on-call, overtime, and shift premiums to manage. Now you can simplify all these challenges. Experience a much easier way with a scheduling software solution. Supervisors can quickly identify coverage gaps, assign shifts based on the employee’s profile, and identify overtime concerns in seconds.

Time Clock Options for Healthcare Facilities

Maintaining a clean working environment that minimizes the risk of transferring illness is important in any organization, but it’s especially important for healthcare facilities. Fortunately, with an automated time and labor solution, several solutions exist to minimize the threat of spreading illness, particularly in the winter months.

For example, an affordable RFID or proximity badge-based time clock can limit the need for scores of employees to touch the time clock throughout the workday. Scanning a personal badge is easier and more sanitary. If a biometric solution is necessary to verify the employee’s identity, a hand-geometry time clock with anti-microbial technology can be used to minimize the spread of bacteria. Finally, employees can be permitted to clock in through their own mobile device, and with a GPS pinpoint location stamp, you’ll know the employee was on time and on site as they clocked in.

Managing healthcare administration is not easy, but the cost and time can be reduced quickly with an automated time card calculator or scheduler. Contact 941 Timekeeping to learn more about saving time and simplifying your administration.

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