Timesheet & Schedule Software for Manufacturing

Timesheet & Schedule Software for Manufacturing

For manufacturing organizations in particular, employee productivity and time management are a vital part of maintaining profitability. Manufacturing facilities often have more than one person dedicated to administering job costing, complex pay policies, shift premiums, employee schedules, overtime costs, and employee absenteeism. Typically, this must occur for multiple sites, departments, job codes and so on.

Fortunately, all of these tasks and many more can be automated or reduced to a fraction of the time with simple, affordable time and labor software.

Immediate Reporting & Productivity

Identifying labor-intensive processes is a key part of manufacturing and the ongoing effort to maximize profitability. This is why using an automated timesheet solution to efficiently allocate costs to the appropriate unit is so important, while accessing immediate reporting to review and improve activities.

Additionally, managers need timely transparency in their staff’s productivity. A time and labor solution empowers managers to precisely coordinate shift planning while quickly analyzing outputs and the cost of labor. Simplifying how employee schedules and hours are managed is also critical. Managers need to quickly and consistently enforce deviations in performance. This is exactly what a time clock and scheduling software does.

Scheduling & Absenteeism

Manufacturing facilities often have irregular employee schedules to manage. Meals, breaks and shift times can all fluctuate from week to week. The task of coordinating and managing exceptions to these schedules alone can be a big cost to employers. Further, understanding the cost of absences, late arrivals, extended breaks, and beyond can seem near impossible. Not any longer. Now these tasks can all be simplified and managed conveniently through an online self service portal. Supervisors can quickly schedule the right employees at the right time, and the cost of deviations can be minimized.

Solutions for Manufacturing

Here’s just a brief list of features that simplify life for manufacturing organizations:

  1. Multiple Jobs and Pay Rates – Allow employees to move between jobs, departments, locations or job codes with ease and precise tracking. Employee pay rates can be automatically tied to exact jobs, departments and hours worked.
  2. Reduce Overtime or Labor Shortages – Take control of labor shortages and overtime exposure with tools that instantly identify these occurrences. It’s easy to then assign the right employee to the job based on their profile.
  3. Automate Complex Pay Policies – Apply your pay policies consistently across the company through automation. Whether it’s things like shift differentials, paid time off accruals, or pay rates, administration can be automated.
  4. Drag and Drop Scheduling – Build schedules in a matter of minutes through drag-and-drop convenience with complete visibility of employee availability.
  5. Swap Employee Shifts in Seconds – Swap employee shifts in seconds with text and email alerts. Employees can be alerted about available shifts and be authorized to pick up the shift without over-burdening managers.
  6. See Who’s Clocked In – Enable supervisors to instantly see who’s clocked in online.
  7. Online Time-off Requests – Simplify how employees request time off and how managers approve time off. With mobile or a web browser, all the necessary data is right at their fingertips.

Automated timekeeping is an ideal solution for manufacturing facilities. It can streamline tracking, reduce labor costs and administration, and reduce compliance risk. Contact 941 Timekeeping to learn more about time and attendance solutions for your organization.

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