Time and Labor Solutions for Retail

Time and Labor Solutions for Retail

The retail world is a highly competitive marketplace. Profitability can be an ever-increasing challenge, and managing your staff’s time and schedules is a necessary but costly disruption. If you’re like many smaller retailers, you may even be too busy to accurately track employee time and schedules to the minute. If that’s the case, this is likely costing you thousands in extra labor dollars every month.

Business owners are always looking for ways to improve the bottom line. Did you know that implementing an online, automated time and labor solution could be the best and fastest way to increase your company’s profitability?

Retail Time Management Challenges

Retailers have numerous staffing and time management challenges. As a supervisor or business owner you know them very well. Fortunately, most of these can be minimized with an automated timesheet and scheduling software solution.

Does the following sound familiar? You have numerous young, part-time employees with ever-changing schedules with limited availability to coordinate. You face labor compliance issues for when and how long your employees work. Your employees commonly work in different departments with separate pay rates tied to each. Your supervisors feel like a full-time schedule maker, spending hours shift planning and adjusting schedules, juggling short shifts, dealing with frequent staff turnover, and accommodating never-ending changes to the schedule. If it does sound familiar, the good news is that these tasks can now be reduced to a matter of minutes through a simple, affordable online solution (time card calculator).

A Solution for Retailers

Due to the factors mentioned above retailers often have a high cost of labor and administration, which is why time and attendance is such an excellent fit to reduce paperwork, labor costs, and compliance risk while increasing productivity and customer service.

Here’s a brief list of how an electronic time clock does just that:

  • Cure “buddy punching” – Put an end to employee’s clocking in/out for each other with an affordable biometric time clock. Verify your employees are on time and on site.
  • Supervisors manage time with mobile – Empower your supervisors to view who’s clocked in, view time cards, manage time off requests, and view schedules all through our mobile app (Employee Self Service portal).
  • Drag-and-drop schedule builder – Allow supervisors to create custom or recurring employees schedules in minutes with easy drag-and-drop tools.
  • View employee availability, scheduling conflicts, and overtime risk – Enable your supervisors to immediately identify scheduling issues that will cost your organization.
  • Text and Email Shift Alerts – Save time with automated text and email alerts that allow employees and supervisors to accommodate schedule changes in minutes with ease.

Employee wages are among your greatest expenses. With a timesheet solution on hand that pays for itself each year while saving you precious time, you’ll soon see why it’s an essential tool for retail organizations. Contact us at 941 Timekeeping to learn more about how.


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