Time and Labor Management for Hospitality

Time and Labor Management for Hospitality

In the hospitality industry, labor management is an enormous challenge, and because service levels are the life-blood of the organization, timeliness is vital. For anyone in the hospitality industry, it comes as no surprise that general managers and supervisors are often overworked. Long hours, continuous staff turnover, and managing very erratic staff schedules is the norm. For the business owner, the priority is profitability and customer experience. What both managers and owners need is better tools and automation to deliver on these objectives. Enter… automated time and attendance.

Hospitality & Increased Labor Costs

One of your greatest costs in the hospitality industry is employee labor. The important question is, are you paying the appropriate attention to controlling this cost? Do you have the tools to track costs in real-time, identify cost centers and realize savings opportunities? With wage costs on the rise, don’t let your profitability diminish right under your nose when simple, affordable tools such as scheduling and time clock software are available at your fingertips.

Companies in the hospitality industry often suffer from inflated labor costs as a result of the variability of their workforce. Simply put, the more change that occurs in your daily staffing routine, the greater your exposure is to overpaying for labor. More than likely, you are already overpaying for things like overtime, over and understaffing, employee time theft, attendance delinquency, and the cost of HR administration. Are you using automated time and labor to minimize these costs? If you have a high degree of variability in your staffing, without question, you need an automated solution.

Common Challenges

Whether it’s hotels, casinos, event venues or beyond, employees in the hospitality industry often work at differing locations, have limited availability and ever-changing schedules, and perform multiple roles at differing pay rates that result in complex overtime calculations. And it’s not uncommon to have multiple shifts running over a 24-hour, ongoing service cycle. Fortunately, you can now automate the planning and tracking of these cycles with timesheet automation. You can also minimize the cost of exceptions with time and attendance.

Managers often spend countless hours planning, coordinating, and then adjusting employee schedules as surprises occur. Although time-off requests could be submitted, researched and approved in seconds online through an Employee Self Service Portal managers spend precious hours juggling these never-ending circumstances. Decide today to simplify the ordeal with an automated time and/or scheduling software that offers copy-and-paste simplicity to build and adjust schedules. What may now take you days and hours to complete can be reduced to hours and minutes.

Move Away from Spreadsheet and Manual Processes

Labor is costly and profitability is as elusive as ever. Take control of your labor costs and profitability while achieving better work-life balance for your supervisors and HR staff. If you’re still relying on spreadsheets and manual processes, you’re overpaying for labor. Contact 941 Timekeeping to learn more about solutions for hospitality with an automated timesheet solution.

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