Restaurants – Cut Hours Managing Employee Time & Schedules

Restaurants – Cut Hours Managing Employee Time & Schedules

Managing employee time is a great challenge for all companies, but for those of you who own or manage a restaurant, you face a unique set of challenges in managing your staff. Depending on your circumstances, you may even feel that you spend more time managing staff, schedules, and unexpected attendance issues than perfecting your menu or delighting customers. If so, fortunately, new time and attendance technologies are changing how restaurateurs manage shift planning and employee time.

Staffing Challenges

Restaurants and other businesses in the food service industry frequently face many of the same challenges. This includes: employing numerous part-time employees; multiple shifts throughout the workday; employees working multiple jobs at differing pay rates or job sites; dynamic and ever-changing employee work schedules; and a young or diverse workforce with limited availability… just to name a few.

Above all, every minute counts for managers and employees in these organizations. Timely service is crucial and precise shift changes are required to maintain service levels. When employees are not on time and on site, everyone suffers. Yet with today’s automated timesheet and scheduling solutions, all of these challenges are greatly diminished.

Routine Managerial Challenges

If you’re like many restaurant managers, you face the same costly realities each week. After spending hours arranging schedules based on each employee’s ever-changing availability, life happens… and managers inevitably receive and make phone calls to deal with questions or unexpected schedule changes. Regardless of whether employees are simply unreliable or confused about their schedule, these occurrences are routine.

Why not cut hours of schedule planning, communicating, and scrambling to fill shifts with an online, drag-and-drop tool that reduces workforce management to a fraction of the time? That’s made possible and convenient with automated time and labor.

Solutions for Restaurants

When communication and convenience is improved, everyone is more productive and happier. With tools like mobile time management, email and text collaboration, and drag-and-drop scheduling, productivity increases.  Let’s touch on a brief list of ways automated timekeeping and scheduling save time and lower costs for restaurants:

  1. Mobile time management – Enable employees to receive messages, request time off, view schedules and approve time cards right from their mobile phone (Employee Self Service portal).
  2. Multiple Jobs and Pay Rates – Allow employees to move between jobs, departments or sites with ease and precise tracking. Employee pay rates can be automatically tied to exact jobs, departments and hours worked.
  3. Tip Collection – Allow employees to report tips and other pay types conveniently at the time clock when clocking out. Calculate hours and pay electronically and automatically for payroll.
  4. Eliminate Buddy Punching – Use an affordable biometric time clock to verify the right employee is on site and on time. Put an end to employee “buddy punching.”
  5. Swap Employee Shifts in Seconds – Swap employee shifts in seconds with text and email alerts. Employees can be alerted about available shifts and be authorized to pick up the shift without over-burdening managers.
  6. Online Time-off Requests – Simplify how employees request time off and how managers approve time off. With mobile or a web browser, all the necessary data is right at their fingertips.
  7. See Who’s Clocked In – Enable supervisors to instantly see who’s clocked in and out online.
  8. Clock in via Time Clock, Tablet, or Mobile – There are numerous ways for employees to clock in. You can authorize employees to clock in through a mobile app, on any web browser, or through a traditional time clock.
  9. Drag and Drop Scheduling – Build schedules in a matter of minutes through drag-and-drop convenience with complete visibility of employee availability.

Handwritten methods, paper calendars and spreadsheets simply can’t compare to the time savings made possible with a simple, affordable timesheet and scheduling software. These older methods are also more costly. Schedule, adjust, and track employee with greater ease. Contact us at 941 Timekeeping to learn more about saving time and improving employee performance with automated time and attendance.

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