Mobile Time Clock App for Off-site Employees

Mobile Time Clock App for Off-site Employees

In today’s workforce, more and more companies are moving to off-site, in-the-field and remote work. This trend is due to numerous technological and societal factors. But with this trend comes challenges for employers. Many industries have always had a high degree of off-site employees, such as builders, healthcare, security, transportation, event planners and hospitality, and they are very familiar with these challenges.

Challenges with an Off-site Workforce

Communication, accountability, and accurately tracking employee time (time card calculator) are among the top challenges for employers with off-site employees. So how does an employer minimize the cost or impact of these challenges? Fortunately, this can be done with a mobile automated timesheet app. Ours is called TimeWorks Mobile.

Let’s focus on the challenge of accurately tracking employee time. When employees are on-the-go, they must be provided an intuitive, instant way to clock in and out accurately by their employer. If not, employee hours are likely to be inflated, inaccurate, and time consuming to maintain. Even 15 minutes of overpaid wages per employee, per day can amount to thousands in overpaid wages each month. Time fraud is also common for off-site employees.

The solution is an automated time clock app. Employees can clock in/out in seconds effortlessly, which will also calculate hours automatically. Also, their punch location can be recorded with GPS pinpoint tracking to ensure employees are on site as well as on time.

Let’s touch on four more features that simplify timesheet tracking for remote employees:

  1. View who’s clocked in/out – Empower supervisors to view who’s clocked in or out throughout the workday.
  2. Enter mileage or other numerical data – Enable employees to record valuable numerical data as they move from job to job, such as mileage or units completed.
  3. View announcements and add time card notes – Supervisors can post messages to the employee’s portal and employees can add notes to their time card that are specific to punches recorded.
  4. Clock in/out multiple employees simultaneously – For some job sites, a supervisor may need to clock in a group of employees simultaneously. This is also made simple and convenient through our mobile timesheet

If you have employees on-the-go, save yourself on the cost of labor, fraud and administration with an automated time and labor app. Contact us at 941 Timekeeping to learn more.

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