Make Life Easier for Supervisors with Automated Time and Labor

frustrated supervisor time and labor

The job of a manager can be a difficult juggling act. Managers are often responsible for outcomes that are beyond their direct control, and in addition to carrying full-time duties managing a team, they frequently get bogged down by extra administrative tasks. Reviewing employee work schedules and timesheets can be a big part of that.

When managers suffer from too much administration, either the customers or the business suffer. It’s a common problem. But fortunately, an automated timesheet, or time card calculator, can improve the “lifestyle” of your valuable managerial staff.

Here are a some of the most popular features a time and labor solution offers to managers.

View Employees Clocked In – Knowing who’s on the clock, running late, using paid leave or otherwise can be a constant question for managers. With an automated timesheet, they can instantly get those answers.

Automated Time Off Approvals – When employees ask for time off, it creates a research project and stress for managers. Who’s available to cover the work schedule, how much paid time off do they have available, should the request be approved, etc. With automated timekeeper, that data is instantly available, and approvals can be made stress-free in seconds.

Multiple Time Card Edit Screen – Editing many punches for a list of employees normally takes a lot of time. With our Multiple Time Card Edit screen, however, that’s no longer the case. Now supervisors can quickly identify and edit batches of missing punches from a single page.

Daily Auto Email – Employees will forget to clock in and out on occasion. That’s life. But with a daily email sent right to your manager’s inbox, they can immediately identify and fix exceptions.

TimeWorks Mobile app – Mobile access to time card data makes life easier on everyone. From approving time cards and time off to clocking employees in, a mobile timekeeping app is a convenient, time-saving asset for supervisors.

Electronic Time Card Approvals – Managing and approving employee time has always been a tedious chore. But with automated, multi-tier time card approvals your employees, supervisors and HR can all view and approve timesheet data in seconds. And with our time card “Notes” feature, exceptions can be noted for the supervisor right in the card for quick editing and approval.

Although your supervisors will likely always have far more work to do than time to get it done, why not empower them with tools that save time and improve employee performance? Contact us at 941 Timekeeping to learn more about how automated time and labor can make life easier for your management staff.

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