The Benefits of an Automated Schedule Maker

Automated Schedule Maker

The business world is full of tools and technologies for business owners. Technology is rapidly creating new opportunities to save time, money and improve performance, but for business owners it can be a challenge just to remain aware of such tools. When it comes to your workforce, one of your most important and costly assets, few tools deliver on each of these benefits better than automated scheduling software.

Online Scheduling Automation

Due to time or other common factors, many employers have not yet discovered automated, online scheduling or the powerful benefits realized in automating shift planning and work schedule administration. If you’re new to employee schedule automation, here are just some of the benefits:

  • Cutting hours from weekly coordinating and adjusting of employee work schedules.
  • Gaining the visibility and reporting to maximize staff productivity while minimizing resources and cost.
  • Quickly identifying and scheduling ideal staff members to fill assignments based on skill and cost.
  • Forecasting and reducing your overall labor and overtime costs.
  • Increasing employee satisfaction by improving schedule flexibility and transparency through an Employee Self Service
  • Identifying overstaffing or understaffing conflicts in seconds.
  • Reducing overtime frequency and expense.

Cut Hours from Work Schedule Administration

Schedule or shift planning is a highly repetitive, yet very dynamic task. For this reason, it is a perfect fit for automation. Numerous organizations and industries see seasonal and even daily fluctuations of employee labor needs. With scheduling software, the more dynamic the schedule is, the more opportunity there is to save time, reduce cost, and improve employee performance.

A supervisor acting as the schedule maker is often spending unnecessary hours arranging and editing employee schedules each period. For organizations who are not currently using an automated, online scheduling tool to manage shift planning, absence and work schedules, it’s easy to conclude they’re simply spending too much time managing employee schedules.

Affordable, Online Scheduling

While the benefits of an online scheduling system are far reaching, the solution is actually quite simple and economical to implement. Because employee labor remains one of the single greatest operating expenses an employer has, an automated schedule maker is among the best investments in technology an employer can make to reduce that cost.

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