Simplify Time Off Requests and PTO Accruals

Time Off Requests and PTO Accurals
Historically, employee time off requests have been a hassle for just about everyone involved, from employees to supervisors and HR. So many considerations can go into each request before an approval can be made. And when it comes to the summer months or popular vacationing holidays, the problem is only accentuated.

The scenario is typical. Employees are stressing about receiving an affirmative and timely approval without aggravating the supervisor. The supervisor is dreading the possibility of another request and how much research it will require to make the right staffing decision. This disruptive cycle is repeated over and over. But now, thanks to timesheet automation and advanced employee scheduling, this problem has a solution.

Automated time cards and scheduling software together can shorten the entire process from days of delay to seconds. To look closer, let’s take a look at some of the most common questions faced by employees and supervisors with time off requests and how they are quickly solved through timesheet automation.

Employee Concerns:

  • Will I get a timely response? With mobile and Employee Self Service (ESS) options available, employees can conveniently submit requests online with the appropriate info included. Supervisors are immediately notified of the request and can conveniently review all the data needed to make the approval, such as how much time off the employee has accrued.
  • How much and what types of paid time off do I have available? With automated timekeeping through desktop and mobile devices, employees never have to ask HR or wonder how much Sick, Vacation or other types of paid time off have been accrued. That information is automated and always available directly in the self service portal on their time card.

Supervisor Concerns:

  • How long will it take me to review each request? When employees submit requests online, supervisors are immediately notified, and will be relieved to know that the data needed to make a timely approval is readily available.
  • How much available time off does the employee have? Researching how much time the employee has shouldn’t require a call to HR or diving through personnel files. When employees make requests with timesheet automation the employee is already aware of how much available time they have. Supervisors benefit from the same info right from their manager portal, simplifying this first important question.
  • Should I approve beyond what they have accrued? In some cases, an employer may allow employees to “dip into” future paid time off balances. With automation, offering this perk to employees can be very easily managed. Employee hours are recorded as used, and as new hours are accrued, those balances are automatically adjusted.
  • Will I have enough staffing to allow the time off request? With advanced employee scheduling, identifying workforce shortages and overages can be done with ease. Supervisors can gain a clear picture of the schedule, easily view the availability of all employees, and even prioritize which staff members will be the best candidates to fill the vacancy.
  • Who can pick up the shift on short notice if I authorize the time off? Shift planning is not easy, but it’s made even more difficult when employee attendance Fortunately, when employees need to drop a shift, filling that shift can be done in minutes through automated text and email collaboration. Supervisors simply need to approve those shift swaps as they occur.

When time off requests are quick and convenient, everyone involved is happier and more productive. Contact 941 Timekeeping to learn more about simplifying time off management.

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