3 Ways to Increase Employee Satisfaction with Timesheet Automation

Increase Employee Satisfaction with Timesheet Automation

Work-life balance is an essential part of employee satisfaction and maximizing employee productivity. It is widely recognized that well-rested employees are more productive, which is why ensuring employees maximize their use of time off hours is valuable.

Because convenience is a powerful motivator, automated time and labor can be a valuable tool for improving employee satisfaction by making it easier for employees to manage their work schedule and take time off. And when employees are empowered through the convenience of an Employee Self Service (ESS) portal they also become more accountable.

Here are 3 ways an automated time clock with scheduling software increase employee satisfaction.

Make Time Off Requests Convenient – Requesting time off is not always as simple as it sounds. Although employees may see they have accrued time off, there’s a variety of data and factors that can impact the workforce and likelihood of receiving approval. With automation, gaining visibility for shift planning factors and planning around those staffing decisions becomes exponentially easier for supervisors and employees.

Quick Approvals for Time Off – Whether it’s a vacation day in the future or a day off on short notice, employees greatly appreciate a timely response from their supervisor or HR. But when supervisors are too busy to review the request or staffing is difficult to rearrange, turnaround time can be delayed and stress can build for both sides. Solve this problem with a convenient self service portal. Give supervisors instant visibility of the necessary staffing data needed to make those decisions quickly.

Flexible, Easy Shift Swapping – Flexibility is one of the most important and valuable benefits an employer can offer, but accommodating flexible scheduling is not always feasible. With advanced automated scheduling software, however, that problem is solved. With automated email and text collaboration, swapping shifts among employees can occur in minutes as long as the supervisor’s approval is granted. That makes life easier for everyone involved.

Taking quality time off for personal interests is the reason most employees go to work. Although employers may not be able to offer as much vacation as employees would like, helping employees take full advantage of their time as conveniently as possible is a value they’ll appreciate. Contact 941 Timekeeping to learn more about automating schedules and time off requests.

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