How Timekeeping Simplifies the Payroll Process

How Timekeeping Simplifies the Payroll Process

For those who have experience with automated timekeeping, it might seem like an overwhelming task to list all of the ways timekeeping simplifies or shortens the payroll process. Many common ways can be quickly cited intuitively, but the reality is that the list of both large and small efficiencies is far too large for any single post.

Nevertheless, in the spirit of cutting hours from the payroll process, let’s quickly discuss eight ways a time and labor solution from 941 Timekeeping simplifies the process.

  1. Automatic collecting and calculating time – Spreadsheets and punch cards are now a thing of the past! Perhaps the most obvious efficiency gained with an automated time card calculator is the ability to collect and calculate hours almost effortlessly. Hours are already sorted by type, such as tips, time off categories, overtime and custom pay types.
  2. Correct missing punches in seconds – When it’s time to process payroll, the first check for employees and supervisors is often revisiting missed or forgotten punches. With our automated timesheet solution, this step takes just seconds. Supervisors can instantly see which employees have a missing punch and how many from a single list for quick editing.
  3. Unmatched Punches – It’s not uncommon for a punch to end up “lost.” The employee clocked in at the time clock, but the punch is not visible on the timecard. This can occur from an employee mistyping a PIN or an unregistered employee recording a punch. Fortunately, these punches can be easily reconciled from a single list with our “Unmatched Punches” screen.
  4. “Multiple Time Card Edit” screen – Reviewing and making edits to an entire list of employees can be time consuming. But not so with our Multiple Time Card Edit screen. Save time by quickly editing punches for an entire list of employees from one screen for any work day.
  5. Employee Notes – As they say, “life happens.” Exceptions are not uncommon with any workforce, but with the ability to add notes to time card punches from a mobile device or employee self service portal, supervisors can quickly reconcile edits without the extra emails and follow up questions.
  6. Multi-tier time card approvals – Obtaining timesheet approvals can be one of the most time consuming and important steps of the payroll process from a compliance perspective. With our multi-tier time card approvals, employees, supervisors and HR can conveniently review and approve punches right from their mobile device or computer.
  7. Employee Self Service and Mobile App – Today, the convenience of mobile requires very little convincing. Now you can empower your employees to quickly view and approve their time card, simplifying the process for everyone while minimizing the delay for supervisors and HR.
  8. Export directly to payroll – Lastly, but certainly not the least important, your timekeeping data can now flow right into payroll for processing electronically. No longer will your payroll staff need to fax or key in data. It’s all conveniently brought into payroll electronically in seconds.

While this is a basic list, you can begin to see how automated time and labor drastically simplifies payroll while lowering the cost of labor and increasing productivity. Contact us at 941 Timekeeping to learn more about simplifying how you prepare payroll.

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