Increase Employee Productivity with Time and Labor Automation

Increase Employee Productivity with Time and Labor Automation

Better employee productivity is something that just about everyone in the workplace wants. Given the high cost of labor, business owners want to produce more value for their investment. Supervisors want to be more productive and have higher performing teams, and even employees take greater satisfaction when productivity is high.

So how do we increase productivity? The usual answer is to work harder or longer hours, but is that a sustainable solution? While that will certainly help, at 941 Timekeeping, we’d propose an easier solution… automate employee work schedules and timesheet tracking!

How Automation Increases Workforce Productivity

An automated time and labor solution combined with scheduling software is an exceptional tool for employers. Aside from reducing the cost of labor, administration and compliance risk, it can also immediately increase employee productivity. To answer the obvious question of how, here are a few ways:

  1. Minimize Late Arrivals, Early Departure, and Extended Lunches and Breaks
    Employees are human, which inevitably means they often arrive late to work, leave early, and most likely, frequently take breaks a bit longer than allotted. Who suffers? It’s the customer and the employer. What’s troublesome is that employees commonly don’t even realize they are losing 15 to 45 minutes per day at the employer’s expense. Are employees dishonest? Perhaps, but not likely. The problem is the employer’s process. Fortunately for employers, the fix is simple. By implementing automated time card tracking it becomes very easy for employees to be fully aware and accountable for their time. And perhaps more importantly, because it’s being recorded, they’re more likely to minimize late arrivals, early departures and extended breaks to avoid lost pay.
  1. Spend Less on Administration for All Employees
    HR tasks take time… from everyone. Supervisors, employees and HR are all impacted by administration every pay period. Why not eliminate countless hours of admin each month with an automated time clock and timesheet calculator. How long does it take your staff to record hours, review timesheets, edit missing punches, request time off, follow up on exceptions, calculate hours and submit hours? And what would 30 minutes more productivity per employee, per pay period do for your organization?
  1. Increase Employee Accountability
    It is a widely accepted notion that where measurement occurs, improved results will follow. When employees are empowered through convenience to be accountable for their time and given tools to also manage time off, both attendance and productivity improve. And by enabling employees to visualize their time through mobile, online scheduling or a self service portal (ESS), productivity will increase.

Contact 941 Timekeeping to see how a simple, affordable plug-and-play time clock can quickly increase productivity for your organization.

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