3 Ways to Limit Employee Overtime with Advanced Scheduling


Employee labor is costly. In fact, employee labor is typically one of the greatest expenses businesses face each month and year. What’s more, unmanaged overtime costs can contribute a tremendous financial burden for employers that often goes unmanaged. Historically, controlling this expense has been both difficult and time-consuming. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. With solutions like advanced scheduling from 941 Timekeeping, employers are now empowered to control and more effectively minimize overtime expenses.

If you employ or manage employees, here are three ways that advanced scheduling can limit employee overtime costs.

Instantly Identify Overstaffing

Whether you manage a small team or a large group of employees, scheduling the right amount of coverage for each shift is critical. This is especially important for avoiding overstaffing, coverage gaps, and overtime expenses. Fortunately, with 941 Timekeeping’s “Schedule Bar” feature, identifying overstaffing and understaffing conflicts can be done in a matter of seconds right from a single screen. No longer lose valuable hours verifying and rearranging schedules.

Set Overtime Limits

One of the most effective and simple ways to control overtime is by setting automated overtime limits on employee schedules. This valuable feature simplifies the task of ensuring employees are scheduled within their allotted hours, and perhaps more importantly, that employees do not overrun overtime limits when unexpected changes occur in the schedule (e.g., dropped or traded shift).

Note: This feature can also be critically important for managing benefit eligibility and compliance for full-time versus part-time employees. Now you can simplify the task of hour and overtime limits with simple automation.

Easily Fill Shift Openings – “Best Fit Wizard”

Preventing overtime when setting employee schedules is difficult enough… even before taking into account possible schedule changes. Absences, illness, and trade requests occur frequently and can quickly lead to mismanaged overtime costs.

That problem is solved with 941 Timekeeping’s “Best Fit Wizard.” When a shift needs to be filled, the wizard provides a smart, prioritized list of recommendations for employees to fill the shift based on predefined criteria, including overtime limits. Now managers can quickly and reliably accommodate schedule changes without losing control of overtime guidelines.


Labor and overtime are costly for employers. Controlling these costs, however, is now made easy with an advanced employee scheduler. Contact us to learn more about how advanced scheduling from 941 Timekeeping can lower your cost of overtime while minimizing time in creating employee schedules.

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