Employee Scheduling Takes Too Much Time


Creating employee schedules takes time. Discover four tips for cutting hours from the process with 941Timekeeping.

Creating and adjusting employee schedules takes a great deal of valuable time from managers. Whether it’s planning for adequate staff coverage, attempting to minimize overtime or scrambling to accommodate employee change requests, scheduling the right person in the right place and at the right time can take far too long. These challenges are minimized with an advanced automated scheduling tool from 941Timekeeping.

Four Time-saving Features

While the benefits of automated scheduling are numerous, and go well beyond the time saved for supervisors, let’s focus on four ways an automated scheduler can cut important hours from the dreaded scheduling process.


1. Easy Drag-and-drop Schedule Builder
With all that goes into planning a shift, whether it be reviewing availability, coverage gaps or verifying required skill sets, assembling a schedule can be painstaking work. However, when you combine the convenience of a drag-and-drop scheduler with the flexibility of saved employee templates organizing coverage can be drastically simplified. If you’re still using antiquated spreadsheets and traditional calendaring tools to build schedules, you’re spending far too many hours planning schedules.

2. Swapping Employee Shifts
When employees drop shifts, it puts stress on everyone. However, scrambling for last-minute shift pick-ups doesn’t have to be so difficult. With the benefit of 941Timekeeping’s “Employee Trade Board” and text/email collaboration alerts, filling and swapping employee shifts can happen in a matter of minutes. Once a shift is dropped, employees can be immediately notified through text and email of the open shift. This change can be easily approved and finalized by the supervisor.

3. Employee Best Fit Wizard
Finding the right employee for a specific job can be a tedious task. Overtime limits, prerequisite skills, and shift availability are just a few of the factors to consider. Fortunately, with 941Timekeeping’s “Best Fit Wizard,” all these considerations are automated, and filling open positions becomes a simple matter of choosing from a recommended list of employees who meet your criteria.

4. Preventing Overstaffing & Coverage Gap Alerts
No schedule can be published without a thorough review of overstaffing exposure and coverage gaps due to the significant impact both have on labor costs. Why not automate this step with our “Schedule Bar” feature? Save time by instantly and conveniently identifying these scheduling shortcomings… before they cost your organization.

Contact 941Timekeeping for Help

Advanced automated scheduling is a tremendous time and cost saver for employers. Contact 941Timekeeping to learn more of the many ways you can eliminate hours of tedious scheduling for your managers each month.

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